Tips For Great Pizzas

October 27, 2017 — A pizza made at home should be better than a commercial pizza. These tips can help! Don’t under bake the crust. The crust is done when the bottom is partially browned. Use a spatula or tongs to lift one edge and peek at the crust. Olive oil makes a much nicer pizza crust than vegetable... Read More

Eating Healthy Made Easy

October 27, 2017 — When snacking, make it a point to serve yourself a portion of the snack in a bowl. If you eat out of the bag or box that the snack came in, then it is more likely that you will end up consuming more than the recommended serving size. Remember to eat often throughout the course... Read More

Giving Thanks for Being a Caregiver

October 27, 2017 — Balancing work, home and private life with the demands of being a caregiver can be a frustrating juggling act. Just around the time you may get a good balance, the demands of your elderly parent might change and you are again pulled back into that stressful situation. How can you offset the worry, the anxiety,... Read More

Thanksgiving Crafts

October 27, 2017 — Thankful Wreath: Start with a paper plate and cut out a half circle from the center of it. Under the horizontal cut, write the words “I Am Thankful For…” then draw some leaf shapes on construction paper and cut them out. Write down things that you are giving thanks for and then glue the leaves... Read More

Happy Birthday!

October 27, 2017 — Residents: November 01 Willard L. November 08 Linda H. November 11 Helen R. November 12 Lillie D. November 14 Jose T. November 15 Muriel T. November 25 Josephine H. November 27 Craig H. November 28 Fern H. Staff: November 01 Mary W. November 02 Jock B. November 04 Tina D. November 19 Talia S. November... Read More


October 2, 2017 — Bars Ingredients 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice 4 eggs 1 ⅔ cups white sugar 1 cup canola oil 1 (15 ounce) can pumpkin puree 2 cups shredded carrots 1 cup Crushed pineapple Directions: Bake at 350... Read More

Oral Hygiene: Beyond that Good Smile and Fresh

October 2, 2017 — Oral hygiene is very important, as we have been told since we were young. In fact, brushing our teeth and gargling were usually among the first practices many of us were taught as kids. Most of us probably learned how to brush our teeth well before we could utter words clearly or speak straight. If... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

October 2, 2017 — What an exciting month for staff recognition and community events. We are so blessed with our wonderful staff and community. The Taste of Altoona is the largest community event that we attend. We partnered with the Big Steer, who provided baked beans for our booth. Eric, Teresa, and Chris (left) had a great time working... Read More

Happy Birthday!

October 2, 2017 — Residents: October 08 Joan W. October 10 Shelia W. October 21 Inez C. October 23 Barb H. October 26 Mike D. October 26 Anne L. October 27 Robert W. October 28 Maris A. October 28 Betty E. October 28 Henry W. Staff: October 03 Maiko S. October 04 Lisa L. October 05 Heather P. October... Read More

October 6th is World Smile Day!

October 2, 2017 — 11 Great Reasons Why Smiling Makes Us More Successful! First: Our smile shows others people that we are friendly. Second: A smile can make people happy. When you smile at someone who is not already smiling and they smile back, you have brought a moment of happiness into their lives which, who knows, could last... Read More