Success Stories

success story - man on exercise equipment and smilingAfter open heart surgery, Terry came to our facility for short term rehabilitation services. Terry advanced from 15 minutes of physical therapy programming to over an hour per day using modalities to include the Nu Step.

Due to the surgical wound post heart surgery,  Terry received IV ATB therapy for 6 weeks.  Clinical wound vac  services for 6 weeks promoted healing of the wound to a point that he discharged with a  simple daily dressing change that he does at home.

Terry has been back to visit his wife, who is a resident at Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.  He is excited to be home and back to his pre surgical status.




sucess story - craig and his wifeCraig was here for a short-term rehabilitation stay and worked with physical, occupational, and speech therapy on a plan tailored for his specific goals to return home.

While he was here, he and his wife celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary. Congratulations Craig! It was absolutely our pleasure to get to know you and your family!