Children and Residents

One of the greatest rewards in life is watching a child smile and laugh while enjoying the company of a senior citizen. The bonds that can be formed is a beautiful thing to see happen. At Altoona Nursing and Rehab, one of our goals is to bridge the gap between generations. A few things we do to accomplish this is we have a preschool with children ages 2-5 come and visit us weekly. While the children are here we do special things together. We have shucked corn, made crafts, show and tell and much more.

Through this program, many of the seniors and children have built long-lasting friendships. It’s very sweet to hear a child ask specifically for a certain person. If they do not see their friend in the group they want to go to their friend’s room and make sure they come and join them. They wait patiently by their room waiting for their arrival and when they come out of the room both residents and children act like they haven’t seen each other in years when it’s only been a week. It is the most precious thing to see.

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