Memory Lane

Jenny has lived at Altoona Nursing and Rehab for eight months and loves it here. 

Jenny grew up in Creston IA with her two brothers and two sisters. She recalls a funny story about her mother that she shared with me. It started with her mother going to the local dime store and bought herself a billfold, she then went home and put all her money in it. Later in the day she decided that she didn’t like the billfold and returned it to the store. A few hours later she was looking for her money and recalled that she had put it into her billfold she had returned. She then asked Jenny to go to the dime store and see if they could find the billfold she had returned. Sure enough Jenny found the billfold still with the money in it.

Every Mother’s Day when Jenny and her sibling were older they would have a family potluck get together at Jenny’s house to celebrate their mother. When Jenny had her own children they would make things for her at school and give them to her and as they grew older they would take her out to a fancy dinner.

Bob grew-up in Knoxville with his seven brothers and four sisters. He doesn’t recall what they did for his mother on mother’s day except wreak havoc. What he does recall about his mom is that she made the best spaghetti and apple pie in the whole world. He said she was the best cook ever. Bob said that his mom always had the whole family sit around the table for every meal including his dad. Bob said his mom was great at taking care of everyone and still managed to make dinner and find time for sewing. What Bob misses the most about his mom is that they would talk a lot about every and anything and she was always there for him. Bob said he did recall bringing home gifts for his mom along with his siblings such as snakes, turtles and frogs. He remember when he got older he would get his mom flowers and a card.

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