Married Couples Enjoying Romantic Dinners

July 1, 2019 — When living in a nursing home it can be difficult for married couples to have quality alone time to talk or just enjoy each other’s company. Every now and then we all need a little alone time with our spouses to enrich our relationship. At Altoona Nursing and Rehab we have started “Date Night” for... Read More


July 1, 2019 — An Amazing woman turned 109 years old on June 13, 2019. Hazel Y! We were fortunate enough to celebrate Hazel’s birthday with all of her friends from church friends, our preschool friends, relatives and friends at Altoona Nursing and Rehab. Hazel’s friends had the opportunity to share stories about her and many took the opportunity.... Read More

Our Preschool Friends

July 1, 2019 — We had the opportunity to host our preschool friends’ graduation to kindergarten. The residents loved the ceremony and seeing all the wonderful things that they have learned in preschool. Residents had a difficult time containing their clapping as each child did a little presentation. We had six of our friends graduate from preschool to kindergarten.... Read More

Spring Time Brings Flower Planting

July 1, 2019 — Every day there is something fun to do at Altoona Nursing and Rehab. Today we had tons of fun that brought lots of smiles with planting flowers in the terra cotta pots that the residents painted a few days ago. The residents had a great time picking the color of the flower they wanted to... Read More

Healthy Tidbits

July 1, 2019 — Summer has arrived in Iowa and that means hot and humid weather along with more hot and very humid weather. That’s why it’s very important to keep yourself hydrated. Everyone knows that water is the best way to go but not always the best tasting. Here is a list of the best liquids to keep... Read More

Thank You C.N.A.s!

June 3, 2019 — Jillian Marie Lihna Loretta Jauna Cassandra Eilynn Mary Eric Rosemary Victoria Karralyn Araceli Patience Mandy Ashley Heather Briana Missy Courtney Talia Nina Eleanor Fennie Siannah Amanda Alicia Jessica Maleah Kristina Nikita Chelsie James Abigail Kelsey Josephine Patricia Hele Heather Darrika Isata Nehwon Ashley Michele Maria Dori Patricia Lyle Jamerica Stephanie Joan Dali

Off to the Races: Kentucky Derby

June 3, 2019 — We had so much fun at the Kentucky Derby. Races were won, trophies were given. Best hat contest was a success. Look at those hats!!! We ended the fun with champagne cupcakes and sparkling grape champagne.

A Mother’s Day Celebration

June 3, 2019 — Our Mother’s Day Celebration was a huge success. The ladies enjoyed the cheesecake, little smokes. The chocolate covered strawberries were a favorite. The best part was when everyone was sharing stories about their mothers. The ladies shared many stories and everyone rejoiced in their happiness together.

Employee of the Month: Lynne Beckstead

June 3, 2019 — Lynne has been a part of Altoona Nursing and Rehab family for six months and is a great addition to our team. She received her diploma for RN and BSN from the University of Nebraska Medical Center 27 years ago. Lynne grew up in Nebraska where she had her first job at the Good Samaritan... Read More

Outing to the Zoo – June 24th

June 3, 2019 — Residents are very excited about our upcoming outing; our special friends at Shannon Preschool will be joining us at the Des Moines Blank Park Zoo. Young and Old sharing a day of new experiences. Everyone can’t wait to see the new baby rhino and how much the loin cubs have grown, and of course, take... Read More